Friday, 12 February 2016

New Beginnings

It has begun!!

After months of planning and planning application, we are underway creating a new Garden Lodge!

The original lodge was a timber structure which has been cosy and warm and with a tardis-like appearance - visitors were always wow-ed by the size of the lodge.  We have been provided holiday accommodation for many years now and though we are excited about the process of building a cottage in its place, it was with great sadness that we packed up the fixtures and fitting and said goodbye to the lodge.  Tears were shed by me, this was the first home I shared with my baby daughter 6 years ago -the first place we woke up, played and slept together - tears still prickle when I think of us sitting on the bed me singing and swaying her to "row row your boat" her chuckling and smiling; of laying on the floor in the living room exploring her play mat and her bright inquistive eyes taking everything in; of exhausted slumber on the settee with a baby on my chest; of night-time bottles and feeding...  It is amazing how vivid the memories become as I walk around for a final time and we say goodbye...

..but then there is the fun bit!  I am a bit of a digger girl!!  it wasn't as brutal as it may sound - but the chalet met with a mini digger and the mini digger steadily dissected leaving a strangely quiet pile of what was once a cosy home and a place that had welcomed so many families enjoying wonderful holidays..

The memories remain but now we have a clear site awaiting the footings - the foundations of a new lease of life for Garden Lodge in a new improved form.  It is both daunting and exciting!  We have a date for the delivery of the timber frame in March that will create the basic form of a cottage in less than a week... But right now we await enough of a dry spell for the footings to go down without the worry of the trenches becoming rivers and collapsing in on themselves.  Weather forecast watch and a bit of luck is the order of the day right now...