Thursday, 17 March 2016

It's nearly Easter!!

A rather lovely little girl keeps reminding me excitedly that it's nearly Easter!!  It seems it is nearly more exciting then Christmas - but I do think it is the prospect of 2 weeks off school, being able to go on adventures, play in the garden, be on the beach and generally have lots of fun that is creating the excitement!  Easter eggs are surprisingly ( for a 6 year old) low on the list -- though of course we will have garden Easter egg hunts for probably every day of the two weeks of holiday!! :-)

We are excited too about the season coming to life at Easter.  Places that have been closed to us all over the winter months are springing into life once more.  One of our first visits this year will be to the gorgeous Gunby Hall near Skegness - I adore the gardens at any time of year and the house is a wonder.  We have been to theatre productions in the gardens and some of the fabulous events they put on throughout the year.  They never fail to disappoint at Gunby Hall, which is why I am so looking forward to them being open again - and, of course, if you are a National Trust member entry is free, and the cakes are good whether you are a member or not!

On Mother's Day this year we went to the Manor House in Alford for afternoon tea.  It was amazing!! So so tasty - the homemade scones and cakes are defintely to be recommended!-  and such a gorgeous building to immerse yourself in.  We also discovered the beautiful walled garden on this visit too - a real gem.  A fairly new orchard sitting alongside vegetable growing areas, parterre garden, fruit bushes and sculpture encapsulates a perfectly relaxing and traquil space - and, very best of all, the trees and many of the plants all had name labels - I love that!  This, along with the fascinating history of the building itself, is a must for both visitors and locals.

Just a couple of the amazing places to visit nearby ..

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