Tuesday, 29 March 2016

** Please take a look through our website to follow the progress of the new build.  Exciting times for us** 

Well it is a glorious morning.. and the Bank Holiday threat of dreadful weather was in the end not as fun-spoiling as it threatened to be.  There were plenty of beach walking opportunities, places to explore and Easter Egg hunt adventures.  A happy Sunday morning was spent on a sunny stroll through the dunes looking for the Easter Bunny and building sandcastles.. and eating homemade simnel cake and yummy Easter eggs...

Monday was a fantastic storytelling morning by the fire followed by a visit to Alford Craft Market where the local crafts are going from strength to strength, there was live music and a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere and we happily decorated Easter eggs... today we are returning to make fimo dragon eggs with the fabulous Charlotte of Fantasies in Fimo at the Alford Craft Market Shop.  they are running a fantastic range of courses, some for children and some for adults - but open to all - and if you wish to book on any of the courses while you are on holiday we can happily arrange that for you.

you can find information at their website and on their Facebook page, where they respond very quickly to messages


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