Thursday, 17 March 2016

Spring... progressing

Well here it is -- Spring!!  and how beautiful it is so far.  Clear skies, warm days, amazing beach walks..

Yes - we have had a couple of days of undeniably torrential rain leaving the footings for the new build 3 inches in water... but the builders bailed out and got on and the block and brick work is growing to meet the imminent arrival of the timber frame.

My mini 6 year old supervisor checked out the progress herself this evening and is happy that things are going to plan!  Hopping over the walls and exploring the new rooms in their very basic format is bliss for a creative mind... soon she will have a structure of an actual cottage to explore and that is exciting for all of us.

Gardening is the order of the day for me at the minute -  catching up with the left over splendour of last year and putting it in order for the growing year ahead.  The veg patch at Roman Bank is work in progress.  Begun last year with varying successes and failures, this year is determinedly setting out to be a productive year.  A couple of raised beds, new composting areas, an influx of re-placed raspberry canes and digging are underway.  I adore the earth.  I adore the process of growing, the breathing of the earth and I am fascinated by the moon phases in relation to growing crops - something I will be exploring much more this year and recording progress!

The garden of the new build is in a state of flux.  Necessary changes to the border and garden area will bring new life to it and I look forward to putting it in motion.  Sweetpeas and cut flowers are going to feature for the first time this year and in future years I would love to provide crops that people can use while they are here holidaying - peas, beans, carrots, radishes, salads, herbs .. you never know it some of it might happen this year, but with so much going on it just may not be possible.

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